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We can probably all agree. People watch videos. People share videos. Google loves videos. As does Social Media. Video drives awareness, engagement, and leads. Video works. Pictures, sound, movement, drama – you can communicate more in just a few seconds of film than you can in three hours’ worth of PowerPoint. You can build brands, sell concepts, and explain the most advanced tech in the whole world. We offer round-the-clock customer service, effective collaboration and—most importantly—quality content. We won’t stop working until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

What We Do
Branded Videos | Product Videos | Animation | Motion Graphics | CGI
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Branded Videos - The Soul Of Your Company In Motion

Numbers and statistics are great for quantifying your brand’s effectiveness, but as consumers grow increasingly aware of marketing strategies it is the organic, emotionally-resonant campaigns that truly stick with people. It’s called branded content.

From creative development to on-set production, to post-production, we will work with you every step of the way to create and develop entertainment-type branded content that will bridge the gap between consumer and brand by crafting a unique, emotional experience that will stay with them long after they finish watching.

Our Process

We Develop Brand Stories With Heart

Audiences rarely remember facts when they are bombarded with a multitude of them in a video. However, people frequently remember how a video made them feel. Through our consultative approach, we help you identify the emotions you want your audiences to feel and then develop creative direction around them. When it’s clear your video has heart, it has a much greater chance to not be forgotten.

Tone and Style

Identifying the most appropriate creative execution for a great story is the key to a successful video. Depending on your specific preference, your video may need to be high-energy, futuristic, educational or humorous. The possibilities are endless.

Creating a Storyboard With a Clear Message

The goal is to inspire potential customers to take action. If you want to make a memorable impact, less messaging will get you more attraction. It is important to consider that viewers are deciding whether they like your video in the first 10 seconds and will likely watch for no longer than 90 seconds. Our pre-production team focuses to effective, concise messaging when writing a storyboard or a script to plan your video for success.


If you want to feature your product or service in its best light, then don’t cut corners with talent. Professional models, actors, influencers are often the greatest ambassadors for your brand. We select the right casting members to portray your brand in the best way and create the right impression.

Filming in RAW Format

Many cameras film at 4K resolution (including your iPhone) but the footage is often highly compressed. We leverage camera RAW formats which preserve color information for greater latitude in differentiating your brand with color grading. It’s one of the key factors that add to the overall production value and professional aesthetic. When it’s your brand on the line, let our team of professionals help you select the best approach to filming and post production.

Lighting Design

Light affects how you convey your brand’s tone, feel and style. This may mean muting some details while accentuating others. To make your brand shine, exceptional lighting design is required.

Lighting Design

Light affects how you convey your brand’s tone, feel and style. This may mean muting some details while accentuating others. To make your brand shine, exceptional lighting design is required.

Filming Techniques

Great video mean filming with motion stabilization systems so that all the shots are steady and smooth. GoPro arrays and Drone Aerials are great ways to incorporate unique camera perspectives in your production.  If you want to differentiate, go beyond static, tripod-based compositions.

Custom Motion Graphics

Some complex ideas or processes are difficult to convey through traditional videography— this is an area where motion graphics can play a essential role. Because of its inherent flexibility, animation is often a great way to illustrate complex concepts in way that is easily understood. With motion graphic you can not only tell your brand story in a unique way, but also resonate with your audience in a way that inspires them to take action.

Audio Edit

Great video means great storytelling through what your audience sees —  but also through what your audience hears. This can often be a combination of the right voiceover talent, music selection and sound effects. Audio helps establish the overall energy, mood, and tone of a video. When done correctly, you can immerse the viewer’s sense of sight and sound to establish a strong emotional connection to your brand.

Product Videos

When it comes to getting in front of customers, the only thing that may eclipse the success of outstanding product photography is professional product videography.

Video allows you the power to contextualise your product by demonstrating it in real life situations. Not only does this allow you to showcase your product in action, but it also gives you the opportunity illustrate the key benefits it brings the end user. Product videos also allow you to really express your brand identity through setting, props, scripting, colour palette and a host of other stylistic and design elements.

Whether conveying feature highlights, or an in-depth review, product videos give you the versatility to control the level of detail and messaging around your product. By employing a variety of techniques to suit the style of your product video, such as slow-mo, live footage, animation and on screen text, we can create content that is as specialised or as broad in its appeal as you need it to be.

Getting Started

Email us and tell us more about your product ( include the pictures or amazon links to your product ). We will send you a brief product video treatment based on your product type and the location image.

Ship Your Product

Ship your product directly to Mavric Media. If you'd like us to return your product after filming, make sure to include a return label.

Script Approval

We'll create a storyboard or script for your product based on the original treatment. You'll be able to see and approve it before we film.

Film and Edit

We'll professionally shoot and edit your product in 4K Ultra HD and have 2 rounds of edits before the final delivery. We will add animation, custom graphics, motion graphics and appropriate soundtracks of your choice. Then, we will deliver your video master file online.

Our Video production services include:
  1. Video marketing strategy
  2. Scriptwriting and editing
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Video editing
  5. 3D and 2D graphics
  6. Custom designed graphics and illustrations from graphic design department
  7. Post-production
  8. Voice Overs
  9. Video distribution

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