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At the heart of a distinctive brand is its design DNA which is reflected in its appearance, both in digital and printed form, creating recognition, loyalty and value for its customers. In its purest form, design has to look good, create the right impact and meet its objectives, so form and function must work together. Reproducing an image on paper carries the same importance; it must be consistent and have the same look and feel that is representative of the brand.

Graphic Design
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Logo Design

The real purpose of your logo is achieved only when it's capable of showcasing your brand's personality righteously. And the type of logo you adopt has great significance in that achievement.

After conducting a research, our team will create different design directions and concepts and present them to you in branding presentations so you can see how the designs interact in the real world and help you envision how each design would help make the right impact.

Logo Design Process

Custom Packaging

At Mavric Media, we give extra attention to every element available — materials, shape, colors, graphics, messaging — to reinforce a brand’s identity and provide shoppers with a reason to make it their own.

We understand that structure is as critical as graphic design, as it provides functionality that protects and delights when properly executed. When structure and design are artfully balanced, magic happens for your brand in-store and online.

Providing both quality and function

The packaging idea should begin and build around the consumer. What drives the consumer’s behavior that would appeal to the brand and product? We make sure that our custom packaging designs provides your consumers with convenience in opening, closing, reuse, recycling, and more.

The function of the design might keep your products fresh and safe for their intended shelf life, while the quality of the design attracts attention and communicates necessary information regarding your product.

3D Packaging Visualisation (Closed)
3D Packing Visualisation (Open)

Catalogue & Lookbook Design

Brand lookbooks & catalogues are integral for introducing new and prospective clients and customers to your company and what it does, and they help in setting the tone for every subsequent interaction.

You only get one chance to make a first impression — and that’s exactly what a brand lookbook does. Whether you have a digital version available for download on your professional website, a professionally that you have as a handout at conventions, or just a stack of them in your office waiting room for new customers and clients to peruse at their leisure, it’s important to ensure your brand lookbook showcases the work that most represents your company and its capabilities.

Our graphic designers will work with you every step of the way from beginning to end to ensure your brand lookbook or catalogue is as breathtaking as you need it to be in order to wow those new and prospective clients and customers.

Lookbook for EL Piercing Jewelry

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