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A strategy is the central organizing idea against which a brand can act. This strategic vision gives the organization a clear direction forward by identifying the highest value opportunity and mapping how different entities will contribute to a consistent consumer experience. We identify actionable opportunities, then prioritize them by value, we do product roadmapping, conducting user research and planning content and technology.

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Audiences have always gravitated toward authentic brands. But consumers have only grown choosier, for a reason: people encounter more brands today than ever before. Meanwhile, digital has changed how we tell brand stories. Social, mobile, and next generation innovations have given businesses of all sizes the ability to share their story - if they can be heard over the noise. In digital environment, the most successful brands have a strong relationship with their audience, and a clear understanding of who they are and the values they stand by. That takes strategic clarity, focus on authentic connection, and a lot of personality.

Our Process

Every one of our strategic engagements starts with a review of known challenges and an assessment of which outcomes will define success. The goal is to create alignment between stakeholders and clarify the central problem to be solved.

In-depth Business Understanding

Our team digs deep with clients through frank stakeholder sessions that help us come to grips with your business. It’s a process that pushes the big questions to the surface: Where are you strong? Where do you struggle? And what are your goals and objectives?

For a marketing message to stand the test of time, it really needs to be authentic, and resonate well with your businesses values and mission. If we better understand how and what you are wanting to sell, then we can ensure the multi-channel digital marketing mix proposed to you is the most appropriate one possible.

Market Analysis

With our in-depth market research, we can assess the demand and awareness of your brand and products on a macro level. Based on our quantitative and some qualitative analysis we will highlight your growth opportunities which we’ll propose to explore together.

Competitive Audits

It’s important to know what your marketplace looks like in order to ascertain where the opportunities lie. That’s why we take your competitors very seriously. Understanding who is out there, how they set customer expectations, and where there are opportunities to stand out from the everyone is central to delivering a right strategy that’s above the rest.

Defining Your Audience

Audience profiles are informed by a range of inputs, including analytics, social listening data, user testing, and information from the client. They help us focus on what visitors want and how they will engage with your brand.

If your business is already performing well on performance channels, like Google Search and Shopping, as well as entry display channels such as those for remarketing and retargeting then it may be time to consider a broader approach to customer attraction. We call this “audience development” as it’s a very “top of funnel” approach to turning new cold audiences a little warmer to your brand (“brand activation”). We offer a spectrum of services to achieve this and integrate channels through a campaign/goal approach where possible.

Building A Strategy

We value a multidisciplinary approach because it’s rare that problems (or their solutions) fit neatly within the lines. It’s here that problems are distilled and big questions are answered. And because we build digital experiences ourselves, we don’t just describe what you should do, but how it can be done.

Our strategy will show you what can be achieved at and beyond your budget, tying back to concrete performance KPIs or broader marketing goals. With all of our services, we provide bespoke measurement and BI reporting services, meaning all investments can be tracked and reported on in real time.

Channel Expansion

Beyond audience development and brand activation, sometimes there’s more performance channels to consider. For example, not all searches happen on search engines, many actually happen on marketplaces, and therefore it might be appropriate to consider strategies which leverage these. Similarly there are new advertising opportunities opening up annually, particularly in social media. If you’re targeting an audience available on such platforms, we’ll bring this to your attention.


If we identify an international opportunity for you then we’ll bring this to your attention and detail the size of the opportunity for your consideration. We are able to take companies into new markets, through international web migrations, PR campaigns, and new market targeting in search, social and display advertising.

Presentation & Implementation

We present every strategy to every client, standing by to answer any questions and further explain how our decisions get made. After the initial presentation, we remain with you, ready to offer clarity, answer questions, and plan the next steps to set the new experience in motion.

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