ebsite Facelift - 7 Reasons You Need One

Statistics show that 88 percent of the online customers visiting your website are less likely to return because of a bad experience due to bad website design. The website visitors prefer to see an attractive and interactive design instead of something plain.

Are you wondering when the right time for a website facelift is? To answer this, you need to indicate several aspects of your business and determine if your business website needs a considerable makeover.

There are many reasons why would should consider a website facelift, including:

1. You have and old design

Did you know that 57 percent of online users will not recommend a business with a poor website design? Therefore, you have to ensure that your website layout follows the modern standards and scripts to meet the present needs.

The Internet is constantly evolving, and so are the devices that your target audience uses to access your website or shop online.

For example, suppose you have an old website layout that only supports or runs on a desktop computer. If a consumer tries to access your website using a mobile device, the website will look outdated, take time to load, or may not even load at all.

All of the above factors will drive the visitors away within seconds of landing on your webpage. If this happens, the Google ranking of your website will gradually decrease. Hence, you will stop appearing in the search engine results of local searches.

If you are a business facing this issue already, a website facelift is long due.

2. It does not function on mobile devices

Today’s consumers love to use multiple devices; hence you need a website facelift to accommodate a variety of mobile devices. In simpler terms, you need a website that is easy to load on any device such as a desktop computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone.

For this, you will need a mobile-optimized website to attract, entice, and engage the target audience and convert them into potential leads.

According to a study, 83 percent of online customers expect a seamlessly responsive website when shopping.

3. Your brand messaging is outdated or missing

Whether it has been a while since you updated your branding message or your are thinking about realigning your website with the new marketing strategy, a website facelift is a solution.

As your business evolves, the sales demands and marketing strategies evolve along with it. Therefore, a website overhaul can help you streamline your new goals and creating new branding messages, offers, and promotions.

Yes, it is a rigorous activity every time you rethink your business goals; but it is a critical player for your digital marketing campaign. If you have recently rebranded your business, but your website still displays the old brandings, logos, texts, content, and other material, this can go against you.

Think of it as a customer entering through your brick-and-mortar showroom and seeing old products instead of new promotions. Similarly, your website is your online showroom to showcase what you are all about.

You do not want your customers to land on an old neglected website and doubt that it even belongs to your company.

4. You have poor SEO in place

Search Engine Optimization of your website and its content is obligatory in the modern era. If you wish to stand out from the rest of the competition and appear in local searches, you need an SEO-friendly website.

70% of the expert marketers believe that an SEO-friendly website can help you better than Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement.


Because SEO can help you showcase the business by appearing in top search engine results whenever a local user looks for products and services similar to yours.

Therefore, if you wish to retain the customers, you have to strategically stay in the spotlight by adding SEO to your website strategy.

5. Visitors are bouncing from your site

If you are struggling to retain the visitors landing on your webpage, chances are your website is failing to create an impactful user experience (UX).

Nowadays, your website is not simply a collection of sales pitches or links for the products to purchase. You have to strike an emotional connection with the potential customer the moment they land on your website.

Additionally, a UX-friendly website redesign allows you to create a navigational journey for your visitors by knowing what they intend to do on your website. A complex website layout and design can leave a bad impression on your potential audiences, costing you or leaving them wanting more.

This will translate into losing potential leads and lower ROIs. A redesign will not only give your business a fresh online appearance but also entice the consumers to stay and click the intended CTAs.

6. It is a slow loading website

Is your website taking forever to load? If the answer is a “yes,” when was the last time you had your website optimized for modern-day browsing standards? Whether it has been a while or you have never thought about it, a new website can help.

Statistics show that 40 percent of online customers abandon the website taking longer than 3 seconds to load. That is the standard you are dealing with.

So even if you are getting decent organic traffic to your website, a slow, less responsive website will lead to losing potential customers within seconds of landing on your page. A well-design, mobile, and user-friendly website facelift can help you decrease its load time and offer efficient services to visitors.

7. You want to boost your website conversions

Want to boost your leads generation and sales? A fresh website facelift can help you attract new customers and encourage the existing ones to revisit and complete the CTAs. A fresh simplistic, but creative, user-friendly look can help improve your customer experience.

This will be your first step to pull the potential audience deeper into your sales funnel.

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