fter deleting social media accounts earlier this year, Bottega Veneta’s latest publicity initiative was to issue an online digital journal “Issue" where Bottega Veneta collaborated with many talents of different ages, talents and backgrounds, including rapper Missy Elliott, free-running team Storror, designer Barbara Hulanicki, etc. The magazine is published online four times a year, and the content includes original photographs, film clips, collection images, retro advertisements and short CGI videos. The magazine will fit every series published in the Bottega Veneta store.

Bottega Veneta: Issue 1
Bottega Veneta: Issue 1

"The move is a curveball, because Instagram has replaced the traditional glossy magazine as the most powerful platform in fashion. Bottega Veneta is a brand in the ascendant, having achieved 4.8% revenue growth last year, when most luxury labels took a severe hit (revenue at Gucci, for example, was down by 21.5%). As a result, the eyes of the fashion industry are watching, and in a world where social media increasingly shapes culture, politics and lifestyle the implications go beyond fashion." (Jess Cartner-Morley, The Guardian)

Daniel Lee, creative director of Bottega Veneta, said: “This is to immerse people in our world, not to spend some time scrolling through the flow of information.” He is very interested in “making today’s consumer culture slow down.”

Bottega Veneta shows that for luxury brands, it is becoming more and more important to inspire and entertain consumers. They want to reduce the heavy influence of brand labels on the spread of stories behind brand products and reduce their reliance on fashion media, not relying on daily content to attract consumers.

Reports come from: Bof, WWD, Vogue UK, The Guardian.

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