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At the heart of who we are is a passion to make you successful in what you do.

We operate across time zones and cultures to help businesses thrive. We move at pace, act with integrity and collaborate relentlessly. Our effectiveness and efficiency come from data analysis, creative, media and technology.

We believe in long-term results and stay away from ‘quick wins’ that don’t last. That’s why we keep our core team small and work with a handpicked network of professionals with a creative edge, which make the most of new technologies and creative processes. We are agile and responsive, extending our creative reach while safeguarding the close, collaborative relationship that our clients value.


avric Media is Moscow based 360º branding boutique agency that takes the time to delight our specialty brand customers. We share our clients' dedication to their products and services and commit to using our skills to showcase them in their best light.

We power opportunities to grow our client’s businesses by designing new brand concepts. Whether it’s spearheading a cultural initiative through a compelling call-to-action or realising a client’s business objectives through brand positioning and digital presence, our studio crafts branded narratives that unlock communities and place discovery and affinity at the core. We represent quality over quantity and our clients appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship of our work.

Fundamental Components:
  • Quick Monitoring and Insights
  • Modern Digital Solutions
  • Passionate Collaborators

Launch. Be loved. Tell a story. Whatever your brand needs to do, we’ll make it unmissable with heart-stopping, head-turning creativity.

Things We Don't Do

Unethical Work

We are inspired to create more sustainable and ethical brands of the future. We won't work with anyone that is damaging the environment, enforcing hardship or is wilfully harming life. We believe in responsible design that is not compromised and creative ideas that are going to make peoples' lives better.

Unpaid Work

We offer our clients expertise, best creative brand-building solutions and these don't come for free. We believe that the most professional, valuable and effective work is build on the foundation of respect, close collaboration, reciprocal partnership and understanding.

False Promises

We offer our clients transparency, consultation, creative ideas and actionable advice. Good things take time and we don't give false hopes for extra fast delivery when it comes to professional work.

"There is no magic way to success,
but there is a formula."

Happy Clients
Brands Built
Mavrics' Core

Our Values



We represent quality over quantity and give attention to every detail to offer the best we can humanly create.


To us, creativity is problem solving. We never settle for the first, easiest, or quickest solution. We carefully analyze, research, and create a custom solution that not only solves your challenges but also helps you stand out.


We seek to maintain a spirit of transparent honesty in everything we do. That obligates us to tell you when we believe an idea is not in your best interests.


By thinking and creating together, we combine our strengths to give you a superior, more versatile solution. We select only trusted professionals and maintain a collaborative environment to ensure your goals are accomplished.
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