Joining MAVRIC is a great way to gain practical experience!  You will be challenged, you will learn, and you will gain marketable experience. We build cool things and we have fun doing it!  Below are the open positions for MAVRIC.  Email team lead Dan Mallek at djmallek@iastate.edu or come to one of our meetings and we can get started. In particular we are looking for enthusiasm for:

  • Mechanical design
  • Machining and Composites
  • Programming
  • Circuit design
  • Biology, chemistry, and geology for soil sampling analysis (including on site and remote wet chemistry)
  • Sponsorship and outreach coordination
  • Social media and video production

Below are some more specific positions.

Applications Programmer (2 positions)
We need a way to control the fancy rover that we built, right?  With a system like a rover, there are many things they need to be controlled and lots of sensors to take readout from.  From a controls perspective, most of the complex math (such as inverse kinematics) is done by the base station before it even reaches the rover.  We also need a way to process control input, such as a joystick or a game pad.  From a data standpoint, we need a way to read rover position (GPS), speed, soil sensor data, and more.  An applications programmer creates the GUI for controlling the rover. You will work closely with the embedded programmer to ensure that communications and inputs can be processed correctly, and with the graphic designer to make our GUI look clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Astrobiologist/Soil Scientist (1 position)
One of the tasks of our competition is to sample soil from sample sites, sample it remotely using the rover, and test a sample which we bring back to base.  We also must be able to analyse the geography base on high resolution panoramic pictures that the rover takes.  See the rules for more details on the competition tasks.  As a soil scientist, you will be working with a team to develop better ways to test soil, including how to selecting soil sensors with the electrical team, analyzing results from sensors, being able to detect the presence of life (or the ability to support it), developing test methods, and learning about the composition of Mars.

Embedded Programmer (2 positions)
Our rover is full of communications systems, motors, sensors, and more.  To be useful, we need a way to communicate and control the rover.  That’s where an embedded programmer comes in.  As an embedded programmer, you would be working on rover side communication and parsing, life support, wheel control, arm control, sensors, and anything else that needs a computer on the rover.  You will work closely with the electronics team and the base station programmer(s) to create a robust rover.

Graphic Designer (1 position)
An important part of MAVRIC is creating visual aids and aesthetically pleasing content. With applications such as our videos, website, posters and GUI, we need someone who can do graphic design work.  As a graphic designer, you will work closely with the team lead to create content.

Mechanical Engineer (4 positions)
This year, we are creating an entirely new rover and new designs must be made and machined.  As a mechanical engineer, you will do FEA, design in SolidWorks, learn manufacturing techniques and how to machine (Boyd Lab training is necessary), and collaborate with a team to interface with all other areas of the rover.

Sponsor/Outreach Chair (1 position)
More money pls.