Team Info

Project Background:
MAVRIC is a multidisciplinary team hosted and funded through Iowa State Univeristy’s M2I program.  Members gain hands on experience building every part of the rover.  From circuits, to machining, we design most of the components on the rover.

Every year, the team competes in the University Rover Challenge (URC), an international competition involving over 60 teams from across the world.  The competition spans three days in early June at the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, UT where the rocky desert environment simulates Mars.  Teams participate in a series of tasks designed to test the limits the rovers, and their usefulness to astronauts operating on Mars.  There are 4 tasks: Terrain Traversal, Astronaut Assistance, Equipment Servicing, and Soil Science & Life Testing.

Competition Rules:
Competition rules and requirements for URC 2017 may be found here.

Meeting Times:
Project:               Saturday, 10AM-4PM in the M2I Lab (0620 Howe)
Mechanical:       Thursday, 9:00 PM in 0010 Howe Hall
Electrical:           Monday, 8:30 PM in 0010 Howe Hall
Science:              Thursday, 8:00 PM in 0010 Howe Hall

Dan Mallek
Project Lead
Control Systems, Programming, Electrical Design, Board Layout, Budgeting, Planning, Sponsor Aquisition, Web Design, and Misc.
Gabe Gatmaitain
Electrical Team Lead
Camera Systems, Video Production, Communication Systems, 3D Printing, and Misc. Electrical
Josh Raebel
Mechanical Team Lead
Soil Sample System Design, Soil Science, Astrobiology and Knowledge of Mars
Joe Grabau
Mechanical Team
Mechanical Design, Technical Design, Machining, and Solidworks Modeling
Gage Lochner
Mechanical Team
Claw Design, Wheel Bracket Design, Solidworks Modeling, Mechanical Design
Camden Woods
Science Team Lead
Mechanical Design, FEA, Solidworks Modeling
Pierre Akah
Mechanical Team
Mechanical Design, Machining

Matthew Nelson – M2I Coordinator
Dr. Nataliya Altukhova – Professor of Aerospace

Former Team Leaders:
Ethan Harstad – Basically Everything Engineering
Josh DeLarm – Mechanical Engineering
Mark Rusciano – Electrical Engineering