Earth today, Mars tomorrow.

MAVRIC is the next generation Mars rover produced by Iowa State University's M2I group.



MAVRIC stands for Mars Analog Vehicle for Robotic Inspection and Construction.  It is a rover designed to navigate a demanding Martian environment and to assist astronauts operating on Mars.

Our competition is the University Rover Challenge (URC), an international competition where universities design, manufacture, and compete their rovers.  The competition takes place on June 2-4 in Hanksville, UT at the Mars Desert Research Center, where the rocky and desert environment simulates Mars.

Autonomous Traversal

Autonomously navigate through a course with moderately difficult terrain using GPS, computer vision, and various other sensors to determine a path.

Extreme Retrieval and Delivery

Deliver tools weighing up to 5 kg (11 lbs) to an area within 1m of a specified GPS coordinates.  Items and delivery location can be ~1km from the start gate and cross difficult terrain, with vertical drops of 0.5m and slops in excess of 45°.

Soil Cache

Take a soil sample and use on-board sensors to determine moisture content, α+β radiation, and probe the temperature 5 cm underground.  Than a geo-tagged panoramic shot is taken, and the soil sample is cached for further analysis at the base station.

Equipment Servicing

Move a fuel tank to a generator and be able to service it by pressing buttons, turning valves, and reading an LCD display.

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